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Aluminium cast cylinders

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We at BLÖMKER metal foundry are specialists in the production of aluminium cast cylinders.

Our product range includes the production of cylinders, bushes and collars in many different stages of manufacture.

Our Experience includes cylinders for:

Specially designed aluminium cast cylinders

In the past, it was considered extremely difficult to achieve a homogeneous structure as well as to minimise deviations in straightness. This was especially so in the manufacture of hot-extruded or drawn aluminium forging alloys.
Today, cylinders cast by Blömker solve these problems thanks to a specially-developed
production process.

As specialists, we are able to offer detailed advice to find the best way to satisfy individual needs.

Aluminium cast alloys are particularly suitable for the manufacture of cylindrial products where high demands are put on permanent dimensional accuracy.
We at BLÖMKER Foundries have become specialists in the production of aluminium cast cylinders with diameters ranging from 100 to 1000 mm, available in almost every wall thickness.

The optimum mechanical, physical and chemical properties are defined by the choice of alloy and, if necessary, the subsequent heat-treatment.

Dimensions and Properties



from 100 to 1000 mm in all wall thicknesses


up to 3000 mm -delivery at short notice, larger lengths available on request

All aluminium cast alloys according to DIN 1725 can be supplied.

Unique Properties:

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Cooling jacket

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